CranioSacral Therapy

The Cranio – Sacrale – Therapy has its origin in the Osteopathie.

In a very deep state of relaxation, the body is given the possibility to compensate itself again, and to come to balance. Blockades from the skull to the sacrum are often solved by the Craniosacrale treatment, feeling and release though fine energetic impulses.

This work is directed to a person who wants to preserve or to regain health, as well as to those who want to solve problems: The patient should have the will to look at his problems and work cooperating with the practitioner.

With his help often the problems can be recognized, localised and solved by very gentle energetic impulses that may bring the body in balance again.

Usually the customer is always in a sure, protected place where he can feel fine.
At my craniosacral treatment I work with coneentrated care to the person who has entrusted me.

A meeting lasts approx. 1 hour. The customer carries, best of all, comfortable clothes. The treatment takes place mostly recumbent, in the belly, back or sidelong on a massage table

Form of treatment and areas of application

My Craniosacral work is done with the biggest care and attention on the personality of the client.

Target is: relaxation, release blockades, relief, sense of well-being, get back to balance

Areas of application:

Stress and tensions
Migraine, headaches
problems of teeth and of temperomandibular joint
Ear infection, Tinnitus, HNO problems
Asthma, Sinusitis, bronchitis
Back pains, cervical pains
Slipped disks
Whiplash injury syndrome
vague pains in the whole body
Digestive problems, menstrual discomfort
Stress, fear, tension, sleeplessness, visual disturbances
Help during and after pregnancy
Baby colic, natal trauma
Depressions, postal-surgical discomfort
Learning difficulties, hyperactivity
Shock and traumatic events like accident
Post viral syndromes
Tiredness, lack of energy
After-effects of a chronic illness

The Craniosacral treatment substitutes neither for a doctor’s visit, nor for a school-medical diagnosis.